Sunday, October 26, 2008

Out of the fog...

Okay... I have emerged from my morning fog and actually went and fixed the erring post. I feel better that at least I can read it and have it make some sense. It's gonna take me some getting use to, this code and format stuff on blogging. DH informed that he has unearthed some great software that should help me begin to do what I want on here. We shall see!

Oh.... we did something this weekend that we haven't done since we moved here, really! We ate all of our meals at home this weekend. We did our usual Friday night Pizza thing, cause we have a special server that we like and she only works Wednesday and Friday nights now. We like her because she is so caring, takes her time to get everything right and is very attentive. She knows our order when we walk thru the door, and she appreciates that we make it so easy for her. She always gives us a good discount, which we give back to her as a tip. She's worth every bit of the 20-25% that we give her. One of these days, she won't be there anymore.... but we won't think about that for now and enjoy the best service we've found since we moved here. Anyway, it's rare for us to have all our meals at home on the weekend. We are usually running off to do something, or we've been engrossed in a project and I am tired, so we have two to three meals "out on the economy" on the weekend. That didn't happen this weekend. Wow!

Still fighting the fatigue stuff again. I know that is because my meds are so screwed up and I am requiring a huge amount of sleep. I fell asleep last night after 10pm and slept until 8:30 this morning. I did make us a nice brunch... and while DH was doing the dishes, I climbed into bed to get warm (another side effect) and I was soon fast asleep. I missed almost the entire movie I had planned on watching. Once awake... I had to really pull it together to get our dinner done and get the kitchen cleaned again for tomorrow. I am worried at if I get the job that is 50 miles away from here, just how I will handle working and driving with the fatigue.

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