Saturday, October 25, 2008

What a Difference a Day Makes!

Yesterday and even part of today have been extremely hard for both my husband and I. I have been... ummmn.... Anxious, Obnoxious, and a regular Crank. I have had extreme mood swings, to say the least. Most of this is because of 2 things... I don't have my required meds and I have an important interview for a really good job that is a 50 mile commute one way.

The lack of meds means that I am only on a low dose of Synthroid at the moment. And it means that I am currently not on any blood pressure medication or Actose. All because we got new insurance thru DH's company and the owner made a huge mistake in having prescrition medication coverage start after the $1500 deductible has been met. Currently, the cost of 3 of my medications is going to cost me over$325 per month. (Not exactly in the budget, as I am not working yet.)

We did drive up to the interview site today... I used MapQuest to get the directions and it ended up taking us off of I-81 and onto US-11 and routing us thru parts of Northern Scrantons residential district. Once we got to the destination... we discovered that we were only about a mile from where we had lunch 2 weeks ago driving back from Elk Mountain. That made a huge difference in the route, I can go straight up I-81 and take the exit I need and go south on Rt.11. A few more miles longer, but a more direct route. We ended up having lunch at the same place and then we drove up to an Antique store out in the country. We had a fabulous time there. And we stopped at the Farmers Market as we did last time. We ended up with some fabulous produce that is locally grown.... Good little red skinned potatoes, some yukon golds for Thanksgiving, some pretty little bell peppers for dinner tomorrow, some of the last of the fresh picked roma tomatoes and some beautiful falr leaf parsley. I am very happy about our purchase from the farmers market.

After returning to town, we stopped at Staples for some supplies and then dropped in to the grocery store to pick up some meat for dinner. While going in... we got a waft of what was cooking over at Applebees... it smelled so good. It was still in the air as we came out of the store so we decided it would be faster and easier if we just ate there tonight. It was good and satisfying. We had a good server who was attentive. We enjoyed our meal and enjoyed people watching as well. There was a very young girl who was seated in the booth just down and across from us... she looked to be maybe 15. She was very pretty and very heavy.... she could have out weighed me by a good 100 pounds. She kept staring at me and would scowl at me if I caught her. I decided to just ignore her and really engage with DH and let her see that it was okay to enjoy life with a man who loved me for who I was and not what I looked like. I had a very fun evening.

We are now home and snuggled in.... Nolli has had his dinner and a treat. DH is crashed in front of the tv and I had a small nap and am now wide awake. It's finally turned cold here... no more gentle breezes thru open windows. The air conditioner has to come out for the winter. The fall colors have peaked this week and most of what is left is turning yellow. The bright reds and oranges are mostly gone and many trees are now barren for the winter. We are in the midst of our first fall here and there is still much to be done. We still need to address the drainage issue and also the leak in foundation at the side of the house that floods the basement. I know that the gutters need to be cleaned out as well... we shall see what Mr. Stewart will address... my gut feeling is that it will be nothing.I am feeling happy and blessed and loved tonight and I hope and pray that I get this job. If so, it will allow for several things to happen... I will be able to finish the living room, get new chairs for the dining room and order heating oil. Also, I will be able to help give us a great first Christmas together. What a difference a day makes.
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