Saturday, October 25, 2008

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I have read several different blogs for a few years now. (Just because I just started this blog, doesn't mean I haven't blogged before or used a different site.) Anyway... most of the time, when I see something posted that is political in nature, I will read it and give license to freedom of speech and everyone has a right to speak their own voice. But today, one of my favorite blogs went off on a tangent that makes me feel insulted. The blogger in question, states that "anyone who is still undecided in the upcoming election is either apathetic, ignorant, un-American, or living under a rock." ( Well.... isn't that nice, real nice!)

At my house, and in my own neighborhood... the flower shop, and my next door neighbors, we are still kinda on the fence. There are issues we like and don't like about each candidate. There are things like, being a heartbeat away... or not enough experience... and healthcare planks, and tax increases, and worrying about the future of money in trustfunds). We go round and round, trying to make sense of what is the right thing to do in such an important election that is going to change the face of this nation and how we will be living our lives in the next few years. I voted for Ross Perot... and felt that my vote made me powerless for 8 years under the smarm of the Clinton Administration. I felt good about my first vote for "W." but not about the second one. I did vote along party lines... and felt that I had been handed my a$$ on a plate afterward.

It just gets me, that someone who professes to be a liberal democrat... and has made their declaration well before the DNC was held... has very little or no TOLERANCE as other people struggle to decide to vote with party lines or vote with the 3rd party and throw their vote away. After all... are they not the ones that profess to be tolerant of other people and lifestyle choices? I've been raised as a conservative all my life... and I have had to work with some very, very liberal people though out my career, and I have been nothing but tolerant and gracious about the choices they have or haven't made. And to read insults about making a decision about how to cast my ballot in this upcoming election angers me and saddens me... because I take the right to vote very seriously and know that it will affect more than just me, but the future of my aging parent along with the future of our kids and how we will cope with being the sandwich generation.

We live a simple life here.... we don't have a lot of credit card debt, and we don't have home equity as we are renting right now. We have a tiny.... very tiny cushion. I am not working right now and there are not many positions right now for what I do. My DH works for a company that relys on contracts... and when those contracts get pulled... nobody works. That is very scary! So.... yes, we are still weighing how to vote, because it affects so much. Just don't call me ignorant, and don't call me un-American. My DH is a veteran, and I am also a former navy wife. And I have 5 members of my family who are currently serving this country along side the children of several of my friends. Be gracious enough to let me struggle with my decision without having to face ridicule while doing so.

Okay.... I'm stepping off the soapbox now.

And just to lighten it up a bit:
There are 2 "Southern" women sitting outside the veranda of the country club...
The first one says to the second one: Oh, Honey... my husband loves me so much... when I birthed my first baby, my husband gave me this BEEYOUUUUTIFUL Diamond Ring!
The second woman said: Well, that's nice, real nice.
The first woman went on: When I birthed my 2nd baby, my husband gave that Wonderful car sitting over there... pointing to her Mercedes.
The second woman replied: Well, that's nice, real nice.
The first woman continued: And you see that big, BEEYOUUUTIFUL House up there on that hill over there... well, He gave that to me for our third baby! - Oh, Honey! You have 6 babies!!! What did your husband get for you????
The second woman replied: Etiquette lessons.
The first woman said: Etiquette lessons? Why on earth for???
The second woman replied: So I could reply, "That's nice, real nice...
instead of F*#k You, B!tch.

Again... that was nice, real nice. :)
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Nice post, Suzanne. I hear you :)Steph

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