Sunday, March 7, 2010

Whirlwind Busy...

Yesterday was one of those rare March days where it was a gorgeous sunny day of 45 degrees. We were up early to enjoy as much of it as we could. We went off to Wilkes-Barre to have breakfast... at Cracker Barrel, our favorite place! Then we stopped over to Sams Club to have the tires rotated on the car. (No Lie... our life is so exciting!)

While we were in Sams... DH tried to dissuade me from buying everything under the sun. There seemed like there was just so much to chose from in there this week. We did try out new office chairs... and just my luck, the one I liked was sold out. We did come home with a new nifty wheel barrow, so we'll be ready for Spring Clean-up when the day arrives. (OH... I've got plans for the yard this year! I just hope I can get it all worked out and get DH to agree!) I didn't do too bad on our shopping jaunt, only spending about $145!

Our next stop of the day... was to America's Best... to take back DH's new glasses. They talked him into doing transition lenses and he hated them. He can't see using his peripheral vision with them... which won't do for work. Plus his "non-work" pair were plastic frames, and they bent the heck out of them when they put the new lenses in... short of super glue, they won't stay on his face.

After that, we went to Sleepy's to shop for a bed. We've been bed shopping for a couple of months now... not really decided on what we want. We knew we wanted something in a certain price range, we knew we didn't want "memory foam" and we knew we didn't think we wanted a pillow top mattress. We did find a Simmons Beauty Rest that was a plush mattress, had inner coils, and was about our price range. The store manager worked with us on finding the right bed... and then gave us a deal that we couldn't turn down. So... today, we are whirlwind busy, because they will be delivering our new bed to us in about an hour! We are going to have such a good nights sleep! I can't wait!

Thanks for reading... be blessed!
Oh... btw, litle red dog is on restriction... she had 2 accidents last night. So she's back to being crate trained.

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