Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Yesterday was stitch removal day... and DH was my hero on this one! We took Nolli in together to the Vet's office. But that was as far as I went. When it came time to go to the exam room, I couldn't do it. I was doing okay in the waiting room until I heard Nolli cry... all the way down the hall in room 4. I turned white and got light headed... I had to go outside and get some air as I started to cry. I went and sat in the car. And it wasn't more than 3 minutes when DH and Nolli came bounding out of the back exit... all done!

DH told me that Nolli was very anxious as soon as he got in the exam room. DH put him up on the table, gently. Both Vets were there... and had no trouble with getting his stitches out on his chest. (He had 2 incisions there.) The real trouble was doing the stitch removal on his dew claws. It's always been a tender area for Nolli... and this was no exception. Given how sensitive my knee is... I can only imagine how it must have felt for Nolli. Wire stitches must be as bad a staples.

DH and the Nolli came across the parking lot and I was worried as Nolli was bleeding a little bit. But Nolli hopped up in the back of the car... ready to go on home. The vet said not to worry, that he was fine and the bleeding would stop on it's own. (Blankets down on the back seat!)We stopped and got him his favorite thing... Chicken nuggets! After that, all seemed right with the world for him. He even rolled over so that he could get belly rubs last night. I'm so glad that it's over. DH told me that it took him, the tech and both vets to hold on to Nolli... that I wouldn't have been able to really do it and not hurt myself in the process. (Or faint... that would be bad!) So... today, I'm going to continue to spoil my Nolli-dog, give him peanut butter-yogurt drops and let him sleep on the sofa with a pillow under his head. That sounds like good medicine to me!

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