Thursday, March 18, 2010

Down and Out

This day started with so much promise. I got up with DH and got him off to work. I did a few little things around the house... and then I got freezing cold. So... I did what any smart woman with an electric mattress cover would do, I cranked it up to 7 and climbed back into bed. I slept about an hour.

I then got up and got busy with some house work. I think I am allergic to it... because while I was doing fun stuff, I again got very freezing cold. And then a headache began. I figured it was because I needed to eat and have some caffeine. So... I took care of my blood sugar and ate lunch and took care of my diet caffeinated soda fix. I still had the headache and was still freezing cold. So... back to bed I went, having an Excedrine Migrane as dessert for my lunch. I've slept or rested in the dark for most of the afternoon. Finally, I am starting to feel like myself again.

I don't know what this is... but I don't like it... and I have a feeling it has to do with my thyroid levels. I guess it's time for the full body scan again. I am going to try a new doctor in Wilkes-Barre... and hopefully he will be able to give me "thyrogene injections" instead of making me do a stupid low-iodine diet. (I hate that and don't really want to do that. The side affects are terrible!) I don't think I'm out of remission... but my numbers could be off from see-sawing weight. I've cut back on eating this week and have lost 2 pounds. (That's because I've gained 10 pounds from all the stress of the last 6 weeks.)

Thanks for reading... (I hope to be back to my regular self tomorrow!) Be blessed!

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