Monday, March 8, 2010

A New Morning.

Well... our new bed was delivered yesterday... not entirely without incident. Seems that one of the springs was poking through the bottom. We both were a little unsettled by that... and they will be bringing us a new mattress tomorrow.

We got our bed made up with nice fresh linens and got ready to sleep... it's higher than our last bed. I have to almost jump to get into it. But once I'm there... it's heaven! I talked to DH this morning... he too, had an amazing night's sleep. I woke up with aches in different places, but nothing that was screaming at me, and my back? Well... it loves the new bed! I actually slept on my back for awhile during the night... and I didn't have any nerve ending pain that I usually get! Could it be that I don't really need physical therapy after all? That all I really needed was a decent mattress? I feel good this morning, and ready to get to errands and the rest of the laundry.

It's going to be another glorious day here in the Poconos. Yesterday we were at 56 degrees and today will be the same, if not warmer. I do have some projects for this week... like tackling my closet and getting my shoes organized. (Not that I really wear too many of them anymore, Birkenstocks are now my favorites.) I also plan on really weeding through my clothes and giving heavily to Goodwill. I don't have the energy or desire to do a yard sale... it's so tedious to get ready for it, and the pricing and then all the people and the bargain hunting. I'd rather do the hunting than be hunted! (I'm actually a private person and it makes me nervous that people are checking things out to see what they can steal when we're not home. A trait I inherited from my grandparents.)

That's all for today... Thanks for reading... be blessed!

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