Friday, March 26, 2010


Wow... here it is, Friday. An entire week and 3 days since I started to feel so yucky. Tomorrow will a week since my DH took me (read that as dragged) to the ER. Where we spent that day with me having an X-ray and a CT scan. (And trying to hold iodine contrast down, no... it didn't stay down, that's why we went.) They were trying to figure out why I had a raging fever and continuous nausea and vomiting. (Sorry!)

Even the Good Doctor on call came into see me. (The nurses on the floor were impressed that he came to see me twice in the ER and then in my room, once admitted.) Needless to say, he thought I had acute diverticulitis... not a happy thought, that one. The next day, I also had a full belly ultrasound. My gall bladder is just fine... normal in every way. I remained NPO since getting sick on Thursday... and stayed NPO through most of Monday. (That's a long time to go with out anything to drink... and I had "zero" appetite anyway.)

On a quick side note... I found it more than a little annoying that I was in the hospital while they were passing Healthcare reform. I had to listen to more than a few hours of CNN as the guy in the next room had his tv on "HIGH" volumne and no one would keep his door or my door shut, no matter how many times I asked. It's not great fun when you have a migraine!

They sent me home on Monday night. I then slept for 3 more days... again being almost virtually NPO. I got on the scale last night and I was down 15 pounds. Through this entire time, I've been freezing cold, and I have had a Migraine headache. It finally decided to ease up yesterday... and I finally had my first real food in over a week. My diagnosis... a really horrendous, nasty flu bug.

That's where I've been since I last shared how I was feeling. (You just can't make this stuff up!) So... we started a new medical calendar year at the beginning of the month, we've now met our deductible! I haven't payed all of last years off yet... but all in due time!

Oh... and DH? He was busy too... he went to the dentist for a check up! He had to go back on Tuesday to have a tooth pulled. It ended up being an oral surgery! What a pair we are!

Thanks for reading... be blessed!

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Sandra said...

Hi Suzanne: So glad you are feeling better. I bet the furry kids missed you and are happy that you are back. You have to get better to enjoy the spring weather....the garage sales will sprout up soon. I'm happy for spring as you can tell.
Best always, Sandra