Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Catching up!

Wow... it's Wednesday already! I've done physical therapy on Monday and my 4th bilateral Hyalgan injections yesterday. The 45 work-out in the pool pretty much wipes me out for the day. My injections yesterday... kind of set me back... he did the left knee just fine... but my right knee feels like the gel went down my leg. It's swelled and bruised, as he accidentally nicked a vein when he went in. There's no redness or hotness... so I know I don't have an infection. So... I do what I do best... ICE!

Thank you all for your continued prayers. It's stressful when it obvious that someone is campaigning to get you canned from your job. I am hopeful that the managers of DH's company will support him... and again, we may end up moving back to Maryland, only the Father knows at this point. We are truly grateful for all of his blessings and humbled by his outpouring of love to us. (I've also been admonished be a friend of facebook... to give the issue over to God. So... I'm letting go and trusting... that's always been tough for me!)

Time for me to go and prop up my knee and ice it again. Thanks for reading... be blessed!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Suzanne: I hope you're feeling better soon. Take good care of yourself, ya hear!
Best always, Sandra