Thursday, August 13, 2009

Trying to stay calm...

I am trying my hardest to let stuff go... but the work situation keeps getting crazier for DH all the time! I cannot go into details... but he's definitely been targeted and set up to look bad. I am praying that all the issues will be resolved quickly and in our favor.

I went to Physical Therapy again today... another 45 minute workout... which had to be modified as my mobility is a currently compromised from my 4th injection in my right knee. It's still purple and swelled. The therapist has actually put me on bedrest again for 24 hours. I have an appointment tomorrow to see my primary care physican and I also have a follow up with my surgeon about my upper endoscopy and my ulcer! I'm sure he's gonna tell me how I got it (maybe) and how to get rid of it... (for sure)!

I do have some good news... I was contacted today from someone on Craigslist who's looking to rehome their pet... and we are their #1 candidate! I have great hopes for this little adoption process... I will keep you posted if we add to the family!

Time to go and elevate and ice again! Thanks for reading.. (Y'all are troopers!) Be blessed!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Suzanne: I wish both you all the best for a fabulous weekend. The weather should be nice so maybe you will be be able to get outside with Nolli dog and enjoy the sunshine. There is so much more to life than worry. It needs to be put aside just for a little while. Stay well.
Best always, Sandra