Friday, August 28, 2009

Delurking Myself!

I have been around... just not posting... I am doing a ton of at-home physical therapy to help correct a bulging (leaking) disc in my thoracic spine. It's just under my shoulder blade... right where my bra strap starts. The doctor thought it was muscular... but the therapist wanted to rule out the disc first.... and it ended up being the disc. So... now that I have done the first set of exercises... I am doing step 2 and it is every hour or more if I need it. I am concentrating on my posture... and my rib cage is sore. I've even raised my monitor up a good 6 inches on the desk to help my neck so that my chin is not down.

This also means no bending forward. No lifting... and I had to downgrade my handbag. I am still also dealing with my left knee and how uncomfortable this last injection of Hyalgan has been. I am in more pain then before the first shot. I have to watch how long I stand, how I stand and how I walk. Ice is still my best friend... and we "meet" several times a day!

Nolli and Punky are doing well... they are becoming more bonded... and I am sure to give Nolli more one-on-one time with me and extra treats and car rides when possible. We are looking forward to the weekend... and being able to chill out around home. They are calling for lousy weather all weekend, so we are content to stay home and putter around here.

Thanks for reading... be blessed!


Anonymous said...

Hi Suzanne: I hope you are able to bet your knees working better soon. Love to see you on your bike before winter.
Hope you have a nice weekend.
Best always, Sandra

Sandra said...

Hi Suzanne: Just thought I would send a note and say I'm thinking about you and your family, meaning DH and the pups. It was raining here so perhaps it was at your place too. Lets hope it didn't put a damper on your weekend. I hope you were able to get around ok despite the pesky knee issues.
Best always, Sandra