Friday, August 7, 2009

Domestic Life

It's a lovely Friday morning. It's cool this morning and the breeze is nice. I have all the windows open to air out the house. It's so quiet... just some light traffic and a few crows cawing off in the distance. I have begun my housework to get ready for the weekend. I managed to clean off the desk last night, it's still waiting for a waxing though.

Other chores going on... laundry and getting the bathroom rugs cleaned. I am going to try and change a couple of wall hanging on the porch and tonight, DH is going have to carry my piles of stuff down to the basement. It's time to work on getting some garage sale stuff in order. It keeps getting piled up. It's mostly odds and ends of stuff... maybe a few furniture pieces that I've changed my mind on, but mostly lots of little stuff that it's time to let go of. I just need to go to Staples and buy tags and get started!

I'm also in prayer mode... praying for friends. One is going to visit a friend who has cancer and wants prayer about her visit... and also about a new job in another state. Another friend is going back to work today after her 3 month maternity leave... she's having trouble with leaving her babies.... hard, emotional stuff. I'm also praying over DH and his job, and his other issue of bond. I'm praying over Nolli as well... he hasn't wanted to eat lately. (I did give him some mac and cheese and some broccoli with butter the other night, he chomped that right down!) It seems he doesn't want dog food. I did give him just canned food this morning on a salad plate. I went back a little later and the plate was empty... so that's good!

We are hoping to have company tomorrow... a dear friend from Maryland who is house sitting for her brother in Doylestown wants to come and see us! I am so hoping that she does come, she's never met DH and they would get along so well! And Nolli dog would be over-the-moon happy as he just loves her! I guess I'd better go and get myself started on getting things in order, just in case she decides to visit us. (I'd better make something good to eat too!)

Thanks for reading... be blessed!


Anonymous said...

To Suzanne and DH and Nolli dog:
Enjoy your weekend. You deserve it.
Best always, Sandra

Suzanne said...

Thank you, Sandra! We have grat hopes for a fun and enjoyable weekend.