Thursday, August 20, 2009

Life with Pumpkin...

Pumpkin is settling into life nicely here. She enjoys being in her crate and we keep her there during the day. We take her out directly when we take her from her crate and she seems to be getting the hang of going outside.

Yesterday... I decided to go and get my hair done... it's very short and very, very blond. I love it and it's the perfect end of summer haircut. It will take me into the beginning of October.

I also took Pumpkin on a car ride to Wilkes-Barre yesterday. She has a micro-chip and her previous owner told me that the SPCA could assist in changing the information. So... off we went... we had gotten directions for someone we met at PetSmart. I "thought" I knew where it was.... boy, was I wrong! I ended up missing a turn... and way far out of the way. There was road construction on part of the way... and I didn't want to go back through that. So... we took a long, scenic drive back to the turnpike. (I finally remembered that I have navigator on my phone as well... it never worked on my old phone) So... once I got directions sent to my phone via *411, I was set to go. I did make my way to the SPCA, where they read her microchip and gave me the phone number and her chip number, but not before giving me the third degree about where I had gotten Pumpkin and who her previous owners were. (Talk about making me feel like a criminal! Hello... I just ADOPTED her!)

We got out of there as quickly as possible and went on over to PetSmart. I got her nails trimmed and picked up a couple of items she needed... like a small pink flowered dog-food bowl with "Diva" painted in the bottom... and new hair brush... and a sleeping mat. We met several nice people who were very interested in Pumpkin and her sweet face. She's sooo tiny and has such big eyes, and loves attention! She did pretty well on the car trip... but I do need to get a small dog tote for her. She so craves being held and wants to be up near your face. That makes it a little difficult to drive... but we're working on it!

When I got home... I called the micro-chip company. It seems that her chip has never been registered! I was so surprised! They are sending me the info packet... and it will cost me $20 to have it registered. Now it makes me wonder about Pumpkins shots... they didn't give me a copy of her certificates for rabies and shots... I sent off an e-mail asking about it. We shall see... I just don't want to have to give her shots again if she doesn't need them.

Last night... Nolli and Pumpkin did have some play time. He's trying to teach her how to play tag and chase. It's very cute and he's starting to warm up to her. He's still jealous when I have her near me... it doesn't bother him when DH has her, just me! But I am giving him tons of extra attention and treats and praise. He's going to be just fine once we get into a regular routine.

Thanks for reading... be blessed!

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Anonymous said...

Great to hear from you Suzanne. Re shots...if the people don't have receipts or paperwork on Pumpkin's shots you might want to contact the vet they used. We all want the best interest for our animals but knowing that vet bills are expensive,sometimes people just don't afford the very basics for their pets especially during this recession. Good luck with your search. I'm so glad that Nolli dog is starting to play with her. They'll be best buds very soon.
Best always, Sandra