Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sweet Sunday Love

I had a very rough night last night... I went to bed feeling ill... and was up and down during the night. When I finally woke up this morning after getting some sleep, DH had come into the bedroom and told me that I was not going to church this morning. He was very right... I wasn't moving all that well. My legs were hurting and my knees (left) were screaming.

DH did make me breakfast... yummy french toast, pepper bacon and fried eggs. It was so good. And I did share with Nolli-dog. (I cannot not share bacon with him! I did give some to Pumpkin as well.) We went back to bed for a while as I elevated and iced my knee. I brought Pumpkin with us... she's learning how to chill... (just a little, lol!) and we worked on a couple of cross word puzzles. Once we finished, I got showered, and we decided to take a drive.

We went down the country road that I wanted to explore with DH... showed him where I had found one fishing hole... and we made our way home. We drove 60 miles of back roads and made a huge loop around Sugarloaf Mountain. It was so fun... and we discovered a great park as well... one that we will probably go and visit again before the end of Fall... don't think we will hit it before end of Summer.

We stopped and picked up some bread and cheese and salami... and had a great little picnic. It was divine! We enjoyed the sunshine and each other's company... it's all about the simple things to us!

We are now home... and doing a few chores. DH is such a help when it comes to some of the things I use to do alone... he flipped the mattress for me... and vacuumed under and behind the bed. He's going to start a load of laundry for me as well. (He told me that he understands that I cannot do it by myself anymore. That I do need help with some basic chores these days.) I am growing concerned as I had great hopes for this injection series... and it's helped my right knee... but my left knee is still in so much pain and is so stiff that I have trouble walking if it's not braced. The doctor told me that I don't need the brace... but I do so much better with it.

That's pretty much what our day has been... just enjoying the simple things... helping each other, and being a family. That's Sweet Sunday Love!

Thanks for reading.. be blessed!


Anonymous said...

A Sweet Sunday is what we all need. I'm glad you took advantage of the beautiful day and enjoyed it to the fullest. Sounds like your Sunday was the kind I like. I think I'll picnic next Sunday before it's too late. I long for picnics in the winter but it is just to cold where I live.
Take special care of you and yours, Suzanne
Best always, Sandra

Anonymous said...

Here's my second comment Suzanne. You know I think you could write a book about the simple things in life. Simple picnics, simple markets to visit etc. We get so caught up in racing around we tend to forget about tea parties/sandwiches etc. We miss out on so much. You are a nice writer and you could make it a picture book of cottage life at your place too. Just a thought.
Best always, Sandra