Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Last One!

I have my last set of shots in my 5-shot Hyalgan series today! Yippee! I did it... I made it through! It hasn't been bad except for last week when the doctor nicked a vein and I had swelling and bruising. I'm still dark purple! I am also still doing my physical therapy in the pool. It feels good and I am feeling better! (FINALLY!!!!)

We are settling into a routine with Pumpkin. She's getting the hang of going potty outside. Nolli isn't so sure he likes her yet. He wants to play and she doesn't know how... I'm hoping that as things settle down... that she will start to bond and interact with him. She's a good eater... and eats faster than Nolli and could eat more than him! She's very sweet and loves to be up in your arms... we are working at trying to get her to have more "floor time" so she can be a "regular dog." I wish Cesar Milan lived closer... I'd love some tips from him.

Time to go and get ready for my "jaunt" over to Bloomsburg... I will have to try my hardest not to stop at any of the farm stands! ... Please continue to pray for us... we know that change is blowing in the wind, we want to be able to follow what God has for us next.

Thanks for reading... be blessed!

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