Thursday, August 6, 2009

Crazy Busy!

It seems like I am always doing something... but I never seem to get all my projects finished! Anyone else like that? It's seems that all I ever do is pack lunches, make food, do dishes, walk the dog, grocery shop, do laundry, try to clean... and then fit physical therapy and doctors appointments in! DH has had a few night calls thrown in this week, so it's been a little hectic for both of us.

Physical Therapy is going well... I love the pool. I will be sad when I can't go anymore. The goal is to get me flexible enough to do some of those exercises on land. (I don't know if it will ever get to the point that I can do some of those without pain... on land. ) I had to cancel my session for today... DH had a doctor's appointment and we were not certain if he would be sent immediately for tests or if we would have to get them scheduled. It's going to be a scheduling deal... and I don't know if they will call me to schedule them or him. We shall see. He has to go for an MRI, a CT scan, and an ultrasound to begin his workup for migraines. The doc didn't like that he had blind spots in both eyes with his headache... so he is doing an extensive workup.

Nolli dog had a little medical emergency last night. He has a spot on his tummy that doesn't want to heal. It's gotten larger recently and it has a good scab on it. He was laying on the patio last night and it got pulled off.... it was pretty messy! We were able to get the bleeding stopped and he was so good in letting Mom work on his boo-boo. I was able to shave the area and clean it, get the bleeding stopped and apply first aid and anti-biotic ointment on it. We have put his little tie-dyed t-shirt on him to help keep it clean. He looks so cute. He was very calm during the process... he's such a good dog.

Last night... before the Nolli emergency... we were enjoying the cool evening air... and we were treated to such a wonderful show! Mama Doe came to drink in the stream and eat berries... and she brought the twins along. They still have their spots... and they were very playful! They ate and drank... and began to play in the water. They would jump back and forth across the water... and then they played chase. They would chase through the thicket and behind the barn and jump to our side of the stream. They played for a good 20 minutes... we just in silence and enjoyed it with huge smiles on our faces. Nolli was so enthralled... he watched and would look back at us to see if he was doing ok. We so loved being able to watch these babies before they get too big to play like that! We are putting out a berry flavored mineral salt lick for them... and we have yet to decide if we are going to do "Deer Crunch" this winter. It's a big responsibility if you start to feed them... you can't stop once you start during the winter.

Well... I need to go and get a few more things put away... or another flat spot cleared off! We've moved a few things around in the kitchen and I haven't found homes for some of the things we've moved to the porch... so they may be headed to the basement loft. (I really need to have my own yard sale!)

Thanks for reading... Hope y'all are having a great week! Be blessed!

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