Sunday, August 9, 2009

Weekend Whirl!

We were due for company on Saturday... and she had to cancel due to car issues. Oh well.... we had some yummy food to eat! We spent most of Saturday just doing small things around here. DH decided to go through one of his old Rubbermaid totes... and got rid of the majority of stuff inside of it! He also installed some under-cabinet lighting in the kitchen for me!

We also discussed adding another dog to the house... and I continued to look on Craigslist. I didn't really find anything under the pets section that would work for us. But... as I was looking... I had also told DH that he could take the little bench I use as a coffee table in the living room and use it under the window in our bedroom for some of the things that he "stacks up". (We both have that habit... stemming from living in small areas and never having enough room for many years.) So.... that led me to looking on Craigslist in the "furniture section". I ended up spending over 1 1/2 hours emailing a guy who didn't want to use the phone about a nice set of tables. I finally got him to realize that we were serious buyers... (He tried to get me to ante up on a deal that someone was offering him $40 over the list price if he'd hold them til Wednesday) I told him we would come immediately with the cash for his tables... and we did! I got a set of black cherry coffee and side tables with beveled glass tops... just beautiful! I will try and get a pic up tomorrow.

Anyway... this morning as we were getting ready to leave for church in 15 minutes... DH's cell phone went off. The landlord was calling to tell us that he was selling and wanted to bring the new buyers over to see the inside of our place! I just about flipped out... but DH told him to bring them on over! We straightened up and I ran the vacuum cleaner... changed my clothes into jeans and was ready to just go for a long drive. I decided that we would go to church after all... it's was only in the 60's... and we would take Nolli and leave him in the car. (It was raining and cool... and he would be under the trees... and of course the windows would be opened.) So we did... and when we got home... the landlord was waiting at the flower shop. Everybody came over and did the 5 cent tour... and then left! I was very stressed... but DH took it in stride, as did Nolli.

This afternoon, we went out to the Chinese buffet... ate our fill... and came home to chill. We napped, did the cross word puzzle together and enjoyed a crazy thunder storm that lasted a good 45 minutes. Tonite... we are still being lazy... we aren't really hungry and we are enjoying the cool night air coming in to cool the house down.

Tomorrow, I have physical therapy... and who knows where DH will end up working! We are feeling blessed in spite of the stress... and we have good friends who are praying for us about the house issue. The new buyers are dentists and want to convert the flower shop into their new office. (That makes me very sad... I will have 2 friends that will be out of work if this sale goes through.) I hope that they don't convert our front yard into a parking area for their employees. That would make me want to move. Only God knows right now what he has in store for us... so it is our job to be diligent in listening to Him, not fretting... and for me... to make sure I "stay in the cart" instead of putting the cart before the horse... and letting God do the leading!

Thanks for reading... be blessed!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Suzanne: Your weekend sounds amazing despite the weather.
I always say that often times when things look really grim and doubtful there is always a rainbow. You might even find a bigger more beautiful place for all your pretty never know.
Best always, Sandra