Thursday, September 3, 2009

Trying to Be Good...

My back issue is not going away quietly... everytime I think I get a handle on it... "Boom!" It reminds me that it's still there and controlling just about everything I do. You add my bum knees to the mix... and it's a pretty clear picture that looks like I am falling apart before our very eyes. I am trying to stay on task with my physical therapy and do my exercises. I forget sometimes!

The other day... DH came home from work... and he was not a happy camper. He uses a quite large air compressor in his daily duties. Before we got married, he went and bought a very nice, shiny blue one from a big box retailer. It had lots of bells and whistles with it... his buddy T. (who is now his supervisor) wanted the company to buy it for DH... (so that he could later pull it and put it in his truck...) DH decided that he wanted to buy it himself so that he could have what he needed in certain situations. Anyway... a few months back, it had issues, and we discovered that the warranty that it had was no longer any good because the manufacturer went out of business. (It's a good thing that he didn't buy the extended warranty... it would have been of no use.) Now... back to DH not being happy... his compressor died! Gave up the ghost... and he came home and took it apart to discover that a belt drive had shredded.

We ended up taking a drive to Pennsberg to Supervisor T's house and borrowing his air compressor. We had a nice drive... and went to a new little chinese buffett before heading back out of town. We had a lovely dinner and an enjoyable car ride. We were gone most of the evening... getting home at 9:30. We were quite tired and poor DH because of my knees and my back... has had to pick up most of the slack for me. I can't really lift, can't carry laundry down, shouldn't be leaning over to load and unload the dishwasher. I do what I can... until I hit the wall... and then DH has to continue on. I am so blessed to have such a great man.

Things with Punky and Nolli are progressing. He still feels a little jealous from time to time. She's a very exuberant personality... full of energy and quite willlful. He's so laid back and sweet... just needed a little love and interaction from time to time. While I was laying on the bed with my knee encased in ice last night... I had DH let her out of her cage... she was up on the bed with me for snuggle time. She jumped right off and went to get water... and I called to DH to let him know she was out and about... he came down the hall to get her, but not before she jumped back up on the bed... all by herself! She's tiny... and Nolli has trouble jumping up on the bed. But not her... she hops right up there like a pro! Who knew!!!!

This month is going to be interesting... I see the doctor next Friday... I don't know if he will send me to an orthopaedic surgeon or if I will have to see one on my own. I've been doing some research, it's scary and I don't know that I will be able to come home right away without having some help or going to a rehab facility. There's also the stair issue and the fact that most everything in this home is not handicapped accessible... like the bathtub... it's deep, and I have to use a step stool to even get in!

Also this month, we have to have the car inspected... and it needs new tires. (I am hoping that the brakes are still good.) It's also cooling down, so we will need to buy heating oil. We are hoping that we won't have to move... I would hate to have to buy oil and then move! There's a lot on the plate... and of course, as always... we do covet your prayers.

Thanks for reading... be blessed!

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Sandra said...

Hi Suzanne: I hope you and DH and the (kids) have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend. Looks like the weather will be fabulous.
Best always, Sandra