Wednesday, September 16, 2009

It's been awhile...

I haven't posted... because I feel that all I am going to talk about is my knee.... and it's true this time. I went to the doctor again on Monday... and he cannot decide what exactly is going on with my knee being all hot and swelled. It's still hot but the swelling has gone down a lot. The office called today... and the doctor requested that I come in for lab work. So... I trucked on over to Bloomsburg and got it done.

I have tried to stay off of it... it's not easy to do. I had errands to do yesterday... and then make dinner and clean. DH is now working in Philly again... so I needed to get extra things made for his lunch because it's such a long day for him. One new development is that I now cannot get into the shower by myself. We have a 20" deep soaker tub... and it also has a 2 inch lip for the shower door glides. Using my step stool (as I have since we've moved in) I could not clear the glide, and could not get my leg over it by myself. DH had to help me over.

We are going to have to modify the bathtub and take off the doors, remove the glide bar and put up a regular shower curtain. We will also have to add a grab bar for me... I am not liking this new development, but it was bound to happen sooner or later. DH wants to modify the entire tub, but I don't know if we (I) want to spend the money to do that. We shall see what happens in the near future. For now... I will become an "evening shower" person... and I guess I will start getting more used to the "bed head" look again... Good thing I stocked up Bed Head "Modifier" hair product. I think I need to at least go in and have the back of my hair cut a little shorter to get it to do what I want. I'm also starting to develop plantar facisitis in both feet... yuck! I am doing physical therapy at home for it. (It just never seems to get better for me!)

Thanks for reading... be blessed!

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Sandra said...

It has to get better for you, Suzanne. Sending up a prayer for you.
Best always, Sandra