Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Released... for the time being!

I have just returned from physical therapy... they've discharged me for my back and shoulder! I have a whole regimen of therapy exercises to do at home. I have bands to do resistance... and the goal is strengthen and stabilize my thoracic spine. For the most part... as long I don't turn funny or lift anything... I have zero pain in my back. (Lifting Punky sideways can give me a twinge... so I have to be careful.)

I see my primary care doctor on Friday... DH has additional testing to do tomorrow... so you can see how the rest of my week is gonna play out. I'm gonna be running... and I'm gonna be tired. Bear with me, okay? Today... my therapist and I talked about my knee... and what is in my best interest to do next... we both feel that I should ask to see my x-rays of my knee, and then push to have my left knee replacement done. It will be tough and grueling... as I don't have any real support system here to help me. (Gone are the days of having my Mom fly out and stay with me as I recuperate... those were true "diamond times.") I also have decided that it's time for a handicap placard for my car as well... I have the form filled out and ready to go for the doctor.

We are beginning to see the signs of Fall come to our yard. We have an ornamental cherry tree in our front yard... DH went out to the garage and quickly came back up to tell me that the entire herd of deer were feeding in our front yard! We only got a quick glimpse before someone driving down the street, yelled from their car and scared them all off. There are also a few trees beginning to change colors and I've seen a few smaller maples leaves on the ground already. Pumpkins are being harvested now as well... there is a large grower on the other side of the mountain... they have a few large crates already picked! It's hard to believe that soon we will be putting away all of our chairs and dismantling the trellis and all the flower pots and stowing them for winter... I've enjoyed our outside living area so much this year.

Thanks for reading... be blessed!

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Sandra said...

Have a wonderful weekend, Suzanne with DH and the kids.
Best always, Sandra