Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Big Date!

I saw the Orthopaedic surgeon this morning... I really liked him and his nurse Wendy. He looked at my chart... hung up my x-rays... talked about maybe doing some steroid injections... OR... doing total knee replacement. Then, he asked me how soon I wanted to do it... I answered, "soon" and he asked me what I was doing on Wednesday!!!!!

This Wednesday... I am having my left knee replaced. I am scared... but excited to have it done so soon. (His Uncle was going to have a TKR, but his aunt became very ill, so his uncle canceled on him this morning.) So... I get to take Uncle Sonny's place! I will be having a titanium prosthesis implanted, made in France... and it has a 30 year life expectancy or better! He says it's the best thing out there... wow... do I feel lucky. It's also a good thing to get it done quickly... because the next open day was Oct. 21st... and I would fret and stew until then.

So... I am off... to do some grocery shopping and get some stuff done up ahead for DH. I'm going to first start with making ahead a couple weeks worth of sandwiches for his lunch... and figure out what I can throw in the freezer for his dinner that won't kill me to make ahead. I also have to have enough dog food and dog treats on hand as well. I need to have DH stow a bunch of stuff on the porch and we need to clear out all the extra stuff in the bedroom to make it easier for when I come home. I will be in a rehab facility for at least 10 days before I come home though. (That's gonna drive both Nolli and Punky nuts!)

Well... I off in slow cloud to get some stuff done... Thanks for reading... be blessed!


Marie B said...

Hi Susan,
Enjoy your blog. Your posting popped up in my Google Alerts - knee replacement. I am. :)
I had a total knee replacement (tkr) on 02/08 and started a blog because I felt so alone in my recuperation. My blog has a readership of over 72,000. Stop by and check it out, if you'd like. :)
Good luck and blessings....

Marie (aka Booktoots)

Anonymous said...

Things are really taking shape for you Suzanne. I'm glad for you. The little tykes will be so happy that you will be able to go out dog walking. That devise they are using from France sounds amazing. A 30 year guarantee is incredible. Good for you. I'm sure you'll have everything organized before you take the plunge. Good luck. Rootin' for ya! Best always, Sandra