Monday, September 28, 2009

So Busy!

My life has been a blur since Thursday morning! With only 6 days to get ready for a Total Knee Replacement (TKR), I had a lot to do. I had to get grocery shopping done... and I zipped into Wal-mart... getting a snazzy electric cart, and got as much as I could get into one of those things. I got it all out to the car, loaded it and then had to unload it at home... by myself. That part did me in... I couldn't do too much after that. I do remember fixing something for dinner, but DH went to Men's Fraternity at church. He was going to skip it, but I told him it's too important to miss right now.

On Friday... DH came home from work early. We were setting down to plan out what we were going to do to start out the weekend.... and he got a call for a repair job, just overtime, not double because it was still before 4pm. That took care of what we were planning, that's for sure! I spent part of the day at the doctors office doing my medical history and my pre-op lab work. There was a discussion on my cardiac clearance... that took a few phone calls back and forth with my doctors office... but today the surgical center office has it!

Saturday... we went to breakfast at Cracker Barrel and then we went to Sams Club for new tires for the car. We put new ones on the front 2 weeks ago, now it was time for the back ones. This time, I again used an electric cart... DH also had a shopping cart. We actually took our time as the wait time for the car was 2 hours. We partook of some of the demo items... and had a nice little snack going on. We spent a good amount of money on stuff... yoga pants and hoodies... cami's for the hospital... along with some yummy frozen stuff for DH while I am gone. (The man isn't going to starve at all!)

We came home and cleaned... and we put stuff away... and I had to rest as I was just BEAT!

Sunday... we went to church... and then headed back to Sam's as I didn't really like most of the stuff I had picked up once I got it home. (I think it has to do with no dressing room or mirror, the stuff just didn't look good!) We ate lunch while we were there, to satisfy my craving for a hotdog and pizza since it will be awhile before I get that again. Again... we came home and cleaned up another area... and took the shower doors down. We put up a regular shower curtain and took the rails off the side of the tub so that I can sit down on the edge and swing my legs over. (That is a good thing!)

Today... DH left for work very early... I went to have the car inspected. They didn't tell me when I called for the appointment that I would need my registration (which was in the car...) but that I would need my proof of insurance... (I am always forgetting to put the new one in!) So... along with walking back to the car and bringing in what I had... it was all for naut! I was not happy. I don't like the place where DH likes to go... last year they tried to sell me a set of tires during my inspection because they had some "feathering" at 10% wear. (I didn't need new tires! They passed the inspection just fine!)

So... along with errand for nothing... I also had to go to the pharmacy. I had to find another inspection place (tomorrow at 10:30) play phone tag with the guy who wants to bring me my knee machine for physical therapy, play phone tag with the doctors office about cardiac clearance and if I needed to be there by 11:30, and play phone tag with the surgery office about my anesthesia consult... I have that tomorrow after the car! I also stopped at our local market for milk and dog biscuits and some cans of soup... and the discount market for snacks for DH. I also went to the post office and mailed my sisters birthday gift... she'll get it a day late. (Sorry!) That was my day... I'm beat!

Speaking for beat... DH was down in Philly today... and he got called to a job in NJ... for a computer lab that had a real issue with a conveyor. He is just now walking in the door from work... and it's 10:55! I guess that covers the time he's taking off on Wednesday to be with me.
I also need to stop by the rehab hospital tomorrow and talk to them about what I need to have DH bring me when it's time to transfer to there. I want to get that packed so that he doesn't have to guess at what I want... and it helps keep me sane! Time to get DH's lunch stuff cleaned out of his lunch cooler and ready to repack early in the morning.

Thanks for reading... be blessed!


Anonymous said...

Good Luck Suzanne. I'm sending up a prayer for you.
Best always, Sandra

Sandy said...

Good luck on your upcoming surgery and don't worry about the pain...that is what medication is for ;-) Speedy recovery!