Friday, September 11, 2009

It's Now Official...

I went to see my primary care doctor today... and he has determined and recommended that I have my left knee replaced. Total Knee Replacement! Yikes... that has got me a Little Freaked Out! But... after examining my knee today... I have quite a bit of water on my knee.. my meniscus is torn (again!) and with the bone spurs that I have... he feels that I have little to no cartilage left and am walking bone on bone. (I have been that way for awhile!) But... now that I have jumped through the physical therapy hoops and done Hyalgan injections... it's very evident that it didn't work for that knee. (My right knee has a little pain... but nothing like it is with my left knee.)

Altho I have a very high pain tolerance, it's become an issue of mobility, even using the electric shopping carts, getting up and down is quite painful, even with having my knee braced and using my cane. It's enough to make me hold my breath as I get up! He's recommended a good surgeon in Bloomsburg, and that I can have Dr. Pyles, my general surgeon, to assist in the procedure so that I will have someone I know and trust there as well. (I really like Dr. Pyles... he's a real crack up!) Dr. Seidenberg said that he would let Dr. Williams cut on his own knee... that means something as Dr. Seidenberg did his sport medicine practice with the St. Louis Cardinals. (It's always fun to go to his office and see his signed sports memorabilia and pictures with the players... he knows people!) So... my first orthopaedic appointment is Sept 24th... just 2 weeks away... and then we will know more after that!

Thanks for reading... be blessed!

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