Friday, September 18, 2009

Workin' It!

I've been trying to do my physical therapy at home... I've been given resistance bands... and I am working my shoulders to stabilize my thoracic spine. It's hard work, and I am sore doing it. DH has to help me do one of them, doing a pull and slowly putting my arms back behind my back. That one wears me out.

I received my paperwork for my Orthopaedic appointment next week. I filled out all the paperwork... 4 different forms and took it along with my X-rays up to the doctor's office today. I'm glad I went up there today... it's not a huge facility... but it is spread out. They have their own on-site surgical center, their own rehab facility, and other doctors offices there. They also have their own on-site daycare center... not too shabby! Everyone seems really nice, when I go next week, all I will have to do is check in and pay my co-pay and then be sent to patient registration. Then the process will begin... it still scares me that I will have to have my knee joint replaced... and the pain of going through that process and recovery scares me as well. I hurt now... and I am trying to mentally balance out going through intense pain to regain mobility to the level of pain I currently have. (The problem with that is that I have a very high pain tolerance and it's tough to gauge it all!)

Work wise... DH is still going through issues with his supervisor... and we are still not certain what is going to happen. We are starting to consider moving back to Maryland even though it's not what we want. If it's what God wants... we have to be obedient and allow him to do the work and take care of the details. We both have trust issues with the supervisor... I wouldn't trust him to do anything he says... I have a gut feeling about a few things... but there isn't much more I can do other than pray, pray, pray and pray some more!

We are planning an easy weekend... not doing much more than cleaning house, doing a little yard work and maybe going out to Berger's Farm for an Antique Farm Equipment show. (That sounds like fun... eh?) I hope to get Nolli a bath tomorrow while it is nice... Punky needs one as well... but I'm going to wait as her ears are giving her some trouble. (I cleaned her ears yesterday... yucky... poor little dog! I don't think they've ever been done!)

Thanks for reading... be blessed!

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Anonymous said...

Enjoy your weekend, Suzanne with your family. It looks like a nice one.
Best always, Sandra