Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Years Blues...

We were all set to do pretty much "nothing" yesterday for New Years... but it never quite works out that way. My big plans for the day were to take Pumpkin and Nolli with us when we went to Lowes to pick up a couple of things. Nolli loves Lowes!

I ended up waking up with sneeze after sneeze and feeling rather "cold and flu-ish!" My HWM decided to make me some breakfast and he did do a good job of cooking bacon... (and getting grease everywhere) and getting me feeling like I could walk upright again.

I also went on facebook... and discovered some sad news from a friend. My friend Dave, who played his violin at our wedding, has a younger brother named Dan. Dan is a tall, strapping, good looking dude with a kind heart and a wicked sense of humor! He always puts people at ease with his winning smile and twinkling blue eyes... and he could put the "spin" on any party he was at!
Unfortunately... this young man was at the gym on Thursday, and after feeling ill while on the treadmill, got off of it and collapsed. There was a doctor there, who performed CPR... Dan went to the hospital but never woke up. To say that I am deeply saddened is not even adequate. He was a newly wed, to a beautiful woman who teaches 3rd grade and has so much joy in her spirit. I hope that this loss does not squelch that spirit.

And to top off the day... Pumpkin has been quite ill... we gave her a rawhide chew the night before... and she tossed all her cookies in her crate in the afternoon. We spent the rest of the day trying to help Punky... she had one accident because I didn't take her cue to go out. We spent the rest of the day trying to help her out.... I gave her 1/4 of an Imodium... and we were careful to watch her body language. She had another episode of tossing her supper in her crate. We ended up getting some Apple Cider Vinegar from Miss J, and giving Punky some Vinegar and Honey diluted in water with a syringe. We all ended up wearing some of it... but it settled her down until 5 this morning... when she hurled in her crate once again!

Punky's little belly is rumbling and grumbling this morning. I gave her a bland meal of hard boiled egg, rice, oil and salt. She really ate that up! She also had about 20 cc's of Pepto Bismol too. She's resting comfortably in her spot at the end of the sofa now... her brother is laying near by for moral support! (Sweet Nolli!)

Knee-wise... I am having trouble with my knee... it's feeling like it wants to lock and it's painful when it gets past a 90 degree angle. I am having pain when I try to go down the stairs and it hurts to try and extend it straight... so I am sleeping with a pillow again. I see the doctor on Tuesday and it can't come soon enough.

Thanks for reading... be blessed!

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