Saturday, January 9, 2010

Requesting a Transfer!

I know I am getting old... I can't handle the cold anymore! I asked my DH to ask for a transfer to Hawaii. (I know we won't get it... but still!!!)

Because of my knee and the cold... I don't go downstairs too much, unless it's to walk the dogs. I never go in the garage. (Or the basement.) DH got home from work last night... and proceeded to shovel snow... (over 6 inches, and we were only suppose to have between 1 and 3 inches.) He went into the garage... and noticed that the oil tank gauge read **ZERO**! It's was 14 degrees and it's Friday night~ OOOOOOHHHHHHHH CRAP!

So... we went into "Oh Crap" mode... and figured out that heating oil and diesel fuel are actually the same thing... except that one has Red dye and one has Green dye... and the stuff with the Green dye is more expensive because we have to pay the highway tax on it! He went up to the truck stop at the interstate with his 5 gallon can and filled it up... 3 times. We now have about an 1/8th of a tank and that should last us until Wednesday when our delivery comes. DH did go in to the garage on Tuesday... and we had over an 1/8th of tank showing... but he thinks the gauge was stuck. (Makes perfect sense since everything else around here is broken down or Mickey Moused together anyway.) (Yes, we should move!)

Today... he's been busy trying to fix any air leaks that he may have missed when he was trying to winterize the house. He's found a few. I have been literally sick from the stress of it all... my head hurts and I ache all over and I just want to be warm and move to Hawaii. I miss the days of not having to worry about a stupid heating furnace. (But then I don't miss the days of having to pay the ridiculous rates that BGE customers have had to pay in the last 3 years.) I do miss having a woodstove or a fireplace... and I do miss having an electric water heater instead of something tied to a boiler. Life in these parts is different than anything I remember in my life... and I've lived in a lot of different places.

So... that's where we are, for now... using expensive oil until our delivery day... because... if we had them do an emergency delivery... we wouldn't be eating for the next 2 weeks!

Thanks for reading... be blessed!

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Sandra said...

Great picture of Pumpkin, Suzanne. Sounds like you are off and running into a fabulous New too.
Best always, Sandra