Thursday, December 31, 2009

Waiting on the New Year!

We are taking it pretty low-key around these parts for New Years Eve. We both don't like getting out on the roads when it's snowy and icy... and tonite, there is both snow and ice falling from the sky! Life in our little town takes on quite a flavor at this time of year... we really don't need to do much more than step out the door to enjoy fireworks, and we can hear the music from the live band playing at the mexican restaurant down on the corner of Main Street.

We both have reflected on how 2009 has gone... it's been a stress-filled year... but also a year with a lot of joy and fun. Going to the Amish Markets and yard sales has been a blast, enjoying the simple things in life as much as time allows! It's been a challenge as well, with health issues and my knee replacement. We still love where we live, and in spite of the snow and cold... I can't wait for Spring to arrive so that I can get all my flower pots filled and start living outside on the patio again!

We do have a few goals for 2010... (not resolutions... we don't do those!) We want to focus on getting my knee rehabbed so that I can walk and ride bikes. We are planning on buying a new bed...a bigger one for when I have my other knee done! We also want to take a little time off and maybe go on a trip somewhere... NC maybe? And of course... I want my HWM (hard-working man) to go fishing... with the new reel that I got him for Christmas. We also need to get Nolli to the vet and address his health as well. And... maybe... just maybe... I'd like to go back to work.

I guess what's most important about all of this is... that we continue to focus on what God wants for our lives and being willing to listen and follow his will. We want to continue to focus on being a family and loving each other each day, inspite of all the silly things that can drive us crazy... (like leaving lights on or my forgetting to do something!) We both love the Simple Things In Life... and we are Grateful and Happy that we have what we have!

Happy 2010 to you and yours... May God richly bless you... and Thanks for reading!

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