Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday's Thoughts of the Day...

It's Friday already???? This week has flown by! I've done lots of errands... taken care of a sick dog (again) and done a couple of tons of laundry. DH has actually worked locally the last 3 days... and it's been nice to have him be so close by again. He actually gets home during daylight hours, and with the unusually nice weather this week, we've been able to enjoy it!

I've notice something on my stat logs... someone from Chehalis has been reading my blog... It makes me wonder if it's my sister or my niece... Um, comments are appreciated... I'd love to know when you all stop by. I've also noticed a drop in communication within my family. I haven't been making any calls.... and so, unfortunately, no one seems to call me. I just want to say, again, the phone rings both ways! Maybe I shouldn't have told my family that I blog and am on facebook... they can get all the info they want and not have to bother with calling me. Just saying.

With Punky being sick this week... she got another bath. I've been using baby shampoo on her because it's "no more tears" and easy on the skin. She smells wonderful and both DH and I have been comparing her coat to when she first came here... She has a ton of hair now! Her coat is long and thick and lustrous. DH thinks she may have even grown a little, now that she has good nutrition. We're thinking a trip to the vet for a full check up is in order to get her tummy on track. I went to Pet-Smart yesterday and bought her sensitive-stomach dog food. We are learning that her breed can have tummy issues... and any change in her diet upsets her delicate balance. All I know for certain... she feels better and she was dancing and happy last night. She's such a different dog when she doesn't feel good.

We don't really have any plans for this weekend... it's suppose to be nice this weekend... in the 40's for Saturday. I'm thinking that I may go digging around in closets and in the basement... maybe taking a few things to donate to Goodwill or Salvation Army. The A&E show, Hoarders gets me to want to purge any extra stuff... DH has a ton of stuff that needs to go. We talk about doing a yard sale... but I don't think I have the energy to do a yard sale... I'd rather donate it, I think. I don't really have anyone who could help me do a yardsale other than DH, who is so busy most of the time.... so, yeah, I'd rather donate it. (If I keep telling myself that, then I will do it!)

Thanks for reading... be blessed!


maranda said...

I plan on doing the same thing this weekend, getting rid of some stuff that is taking up precious space in my house. Don't blame you on not wanting to do a yard sale, they are so much work and most the time don't make enough money to cover all the hard work.

Sandra said...

I purged as well last fall. I spent one month of doing nothing else but donating to the three second hand shops in my town. They all got a little something. Believe me I can now move around in my place. I still have more to do. Spring will be here soon so I will get busy and move some more out of my closet. I had stuff that had not been worn in the last two years. Life changes and so do my clothes. Onward and upward to a simpler life. Good luck with Pumpkin.
Best always, Sandra