Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tuesday... Catch Up Time!

It's Tuesday night.... and I am exhausted. As many of you know (from Facebook) I have had more than my share of health issues in the past few years. I am quickly learning my limitations of living with aortic stenosis and an ascending aortic aneurysm along with a few other things... like the after effects of Thyroid cancer, and insulin dependent type 2 diabetes... and osteoarthritis and needing my right knee replaced - 3 years ago! (They did the left knee 3 years ago instead cuz that was the one that hurt!)

I state all of the information only to say... that I went grocery shopping on Saturday... and it kicked my butt!!! I went to the store and usually find a electric riding shopping cart. Not that day, so I ended up having to walk through my shopping trip. In my defense, I did do a few errands and get a mani/pedi before I hit the store. Anyway... I was so tired from all the walking and loading and unloading and carry up the stairs and putting away all the groceries, I didn't do much on Sunday. And I was still feeling it on Monday. More than one coworker told me that I looked pretty tired on Monday.

I managed to feel pretty good during my work day today. I worked hard and covered alot of ground for the start of my next month which accounting wise, will start on the 3rd of August. So... I went to see my hair dresser tonight after work. We always have such a great time when we get together. She does an amazing job with my hair... making sure that I get to be as blond as I want to be without having my very black hair not be brassy or become damaged. It's always so good to get my hair cut and colored... it helps to camouflage my gray hair and the amount of hair I have lost from being sick and medications.

That being said... I was hoping to share that DH and I were planning a get away. But, sadly, that won't be happening anytime soon. His work schedule has been changed to 7 days a week and included lots and lots of overtime. I feel as tho I am living with a mouse... I buy food and put it in the fridge and it disappears! I feel bad for him... and if I didn't get to call him on my lunch or him calling me on his breaktime... we would live on notes for communication. I appreciate how hard he works and it's very hard for him to always be at work.

It's bed time for me and for Punky. I don't have any idea what time DH will be home tonight.
Thanks for reading.... keep us in your prayers!


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