Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The places you find things...

I left for work today on time.... DH was sound asleep when I left so I didn't wake him to say good bye. I did give Punky a kiss as she snuggled up to her Dad for a nap. I always feel bad when I don't get to talk to him before I leave, but I just couldn't wake him, he was sleeping so good!

My work day was busy... trying to get calls made in between working on forecasting what my numbers will look like. That's always frustrating because it's like trying to use a crystal ball to see where I am going to end for the month and if my GM will take a bad debt hit for the month. (He despises taking a hit, and the pressure to perform is always at the forefront.) It's tricky and it takes time away from my main work. It makes me nuts and I always need to leave at lunch to regroup.

I went to lunch with 2 coworkers today. Because it was the first time to have Miss Liz go with my friend Tammy and I, conversation was flowing and I didn't pick up my phone to call DH as I usually do. Later, back at my desk, I sent him a text explaining that I went with friends for lunch.

Later, he sent me a text... he had to get gas for his vehicle on his way to work and couldn't find his wallet. He had to use his change stash to buy enough to get him to work and home again tonight. He said his wallet wasn't in his work bag and nor in his car. I came home from work tonight and looked in all the places it would usually be... and found nothing.

He called me on his lunch break... and we talked about his wallet being gone. He said that the last time he can remember using his wallet was Saturday when we went out for Chinese food. His clothes that he had worn were folded up on the end of the guest room bed (his clothes are in the guest room closet because I take up our entire bedroom closet and a second one in the guest room.) I went into the guestroom and checked... and sure enough, his wallet was in his jeans pocket. That means he's been driving back and forth to work for 3 days without his wallet! Oh My Goodness!

We are both so glad to have found his wallet... the thought of having to replace everything is mind boggling and lots of people have to do that everyday. I am just so grateful that we don't have to do that... especially since DH just renewed his drivers license!

Thanks for reading about my day... be blessed!

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