Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Whoa... Wait a minute...

Where did that week go that just passed???? I swear that I just wrote something for this blog, and now here we are...with another week gone past!

I don't have much to share with you, as my life has been centered on work mainly. My hard working
DH has been doing just that as well... working. He's on a 3 week stint and so far, he hasn't been scheduled for the upcoming weekend. (let's all keep our fingers crossed that he actually has some time off.) He called me a little while ago and said he's heard a rumor that he going back to first shift starting Monday! If that's true... I may be able to keep working a while longer to have some what of a normal life again. That has me thinking of having regular meals again, I miss having great food because I won't make it just for myself.

One of my dearest friends is having surgery today for a bad varicose vein and blood clot removal. She's been waiting for this surgery for over 10 weeks and it's been because of her health insurance not being willing to approve her procedure. I can say that I am blessed to never have had an issue with my insurance not approving any procedures. In fact, I just received a summary report  from my last 4 day hospital stay from June... a nice little $75,000.00 stay... and I don't think I will have to pay for any of it... and there were no qualms about any of the procedures or tests I had. I'm keeping her in my prayers and my advice to her was to listen to her doctors and to take her pain meds... no being a hero, take the pills and rest, and you'll usually feel better sooner.

Another one of my friends... that is on the west coast, announced a huge surprise to everyone yesterday. She got married outside at the courthouse yesterday. We are all so happy for her and her new husband.... and all the adventure they have coming up in the next year. How about going on a delayed honeymoon to Dubai???? That is wonderful and amazing! So happy for them and for her 4 kids.

I am very tired tonite... I've been staying up too late the last couple of nights, hoping to see DH before I go to sleep. Needless to say, he's been working over each evening to cover the line he's working... they run until they are out of product which can be anywhere between midnight and one thirty or three am. So, I haven't been going to bed on time and waking up when he gets home. If I don't, we only really see each other in the morning as I get dressed for work. That's it... that's all the time there is during the week. On the weekends, it's more like 4 1/2 hours in the beginning of the day before he heads to work. It's a tough schedule and not one that I really care for.

Oh... we had huge thunderstorms on Sunday... ugly cloud to ground lightening strikes. We had a few strikes over head that caused the house to rattle. Poor Pumpkin was so frightened... she's was in my lap and cuddled under my arms with her head against my chest to seek comfort from her fright. The power went out twice... I hate when we have storms like that.

Thanks for reading... stay blessed!

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