Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Excited for the 4th!

I am very excited for the 4th of July. We've had several offers to go to cook-outs. I don't think we will be attending any as DH will finally have a day off! That's what I am excited about... getting to see him for an entire day!!! I don't have the heart to drag him somewhere if he can have a day at home, and he needs the rest.

Our routine around here is that I rise at 6 am to ready myself for the day and leave for work around 7:20.  Some days DH will get up with me and walk Punky for me. That's about the only time we see each other. He will sleep until around noon if he's worked extra hours. He leaves for work at 2:10. If he works an 8 hour day, he will get home at 11:30. I'm usually sound asleep by then and sometimes I will stay up until he gets home... just to say hi before I zonk out for the night. With all of his overtime, we haven't seen each other for days, except when I came home from the hospital last week.

Work has been very aggravating as of late. There are so many changes within my department and I can say that I don't agree with the major changes that have happened. I have to adjust and try to be a team player until I decide what I need to do. My doctor has recommended that I cut back on my hours and when I brought that up... I was told no. I was told that even though my manager had offered me part time hours 6 weeks ago, she has withdrawn that offer and cannot accommodate me at this time. I can stay at 40 hours or go look for something else. (That's such a lovely, motivating thought.)

I did go to the pharmacy this past weekend... and purchased myself some new vitamins and to help me with my stamina and energy. I sure hope they start to work soon. I always am hesitant when starting something new to see how it will react with any of my medications. My doctor added an extra dose of Prilosec at night and I discovered that it interferes with my Ambien and I don't sleep. I shared that with the doctor and he said he had heard that the mix could do that. He also shared that I am sensitive to medicines and it figured that I would be the one that would discover that contradiction.

Today would have been my Mom's 90th birthday. It's hard to believe she's been gone from us for over 2 years now. I still miss talking to her on the phone even though in her last years, she lost that ability to communicate by phone. She just couldn't connect and understand how a telephone worked as her dementia progressed. Her last year was the one where she really shut down and became lost to us. I still miss her smile and laughter and sweet way of making me feel loved.

I am hoping for a little time outside in the morning before it gets too hot tomorrow. I am hoping to spend time in the evening watching the fireflies come out at dusk. I do want to be home for Punky to keep her calm with all the fireworks. She does handle it well, but I'd rather have lights on and music playing so she won't get surprised. She's such a good little dog.

Thanks for reading... be blessed! And Happy 4th of July! Thank you to all our Service Men and Women who keep watch for us so we may enjoy our freedom.


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