Thursday, July 12, 2012

Five for Friday (All Random!)

My Randomness just overflows tonight, so I will let it flow! Y'all won't mind, I am certain.

1. DH has worked overtime every night this week. And he will be working the entire weekend. I hope my house doesn't get swallowed up into a huge hole with out him around to give me a hand.

2. Work has been tough this week. I've lots of issues with things not being applied correctly or accounts that were COD and rolling over for 1 or 2 month, only to discover someone wasn't doing their job. (And to think they just got promoted! Isn't that the way it always goes?) My frustration with it all hit an all time high today.

3. I worked late last night, but went out to dinner with a wonderful co-worker and friend after as she worked late as well. We chatted and she shared a really cool idea that she's thinking about for her DH's birthday... she's thinking about buying him his dream Mustang!!!!

4. Tonight, to help with frustration... I did some cooking. I managed to small cannon-ball style meatloaves. I had one for dinner... it was really good. It's something DH can take for dinner tomorrow instead having his usual sandwiches. Change is good.

5. Another dear friend and co-worked shared a hilarious real-life story. Her DH had the day off yesterday and was out doing some errands. He was headed to a local dollar store on a very busy section of highway. As he approached the entrance of the parking lot, a woman was standing out there. He looked at her as he turned in and she looked back at him. (He wears transition lenses for eye wear.) He pulled into a parking space near the front of the store and the woman had ran over and jumped into his truck. He asked what she was doing and she answered, "I'm here to make some money!" He answered, "well, I'm here to buy toothpaste... so get out!" Poor innocent guy, doing errands and getting hi-jacked by a daytime hooker! He picked up the phone and called his wife to tell her as soon as he walked into the store. Hilarious!

That's my Five for Friday.... Thanks for reading!

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