Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Hello??? Are you still stopping by???

I do apologize for my absence, yet again!?! I'm still going north to the chiropractor... but I've graduated from using ice packs to getting to use heat! (I'm no longer a Popsicle! Yay!) It's still a challenge to do everyday things that involve lifting or leaning forward. My only chore lately has been loading and partially unloading the dishwasher... DH still has to lift out the plates. That and going up and down the stairs 20 times a day to walk Punky as she adjusts to new kibble. (Poor Girl has such a touchy digestive system!)

Some of the things that did happen in the past few days... we shopped alot on Saturday, making several trips to Lowes. Sunday was spent by DH pulling all the furniture away from the walls, followed by heavy cleaning and vacuuming, and DH replacing all the outlets with new polarized ones so we don't blow up any of our electronic devices. We also reconfigured the furniture arrangement and opened up the living room now that the sofa is on a wall and no longer floating in the middle of the room. It also makes for great air circulation as well! (That makes me very happy!)

Oh... and I am writing this post... sitting in my New Chair! Given that my desk chair was over 4 years old, and that I bought it at T@rget for like, $60... and it's gone through several moves, it finally gave up the proverbial ghost. DH pulled a spare "task chair" out of the basement and it soon became evident that it was banished for a reason. So... DH insisted that we get a good chair and off to the office supply store we went. This new chair is a shiny model with a mesh back, lumbar support, a head rest, adjustable arm rests and a cushioned seat large enough to keep my backside comfortable. It could probably make coffee for me if I asked!

We also played in the dirt, getting all the flowers I recently purchased in to containers and placed about on our little patio. I can't wait for the sun to start shining so they can grow and I can enjoy all the colors and fragrances... along with all the bumble bees and butterflies! We still have a few more things to plant in the coming days... it's wonderful to see things growing again. And... my neighbor called me last night to say that as she pulled in to the back of her driveway that she spotted 4 deer across the stream, moving across the back of our house! I am so glad to know that we will have fun and entertainment in the evenings during the summer. (I also can't wait for fireflies... they won't be out for awhile yet!)

Finally, I went to the salon today after getting all the errands done. I left with new highlights and a very short summer haircut! I am again very blond on the top and have left the back third dark... I love that look and can't wait to see how it grows out and I can have the back part done with a bubble cut! The top is still slightly spiky and I can use dry wax on that... an easy summer cut! That's about it for what's going on around here.

Thanks for reading... be blessed!

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Sandra said...

Hi Suzanne: It's always nice to know that things are perking along at your place. Sounds like summer is just around the corner. I'm looking forward to summer flowers too.
Best always, Sandra