Friday, October 30, 2009

Working hard...

I have been a little lax in posting... I've been busy! I was discharged from home health nursing care yesterday. I was also discharged from in-home physical therapy. My therapist is quite pleased with my progress. Of course, I also spent 6 hours a day on my cpm machine... and that was quite successful in getting me to a good flex position. I turned the machine back yesterday as well... I'm actually gonna miss that thing!

So... today, since I didn't have 6 hours tied up with being flat on my back... I decided to start cleaning my house. It's going to be a slow and arduous process! I managed to get half of my furniture in the living room cleaned off, dusted and polished. Soon, I will move on to the dining area and book cases. (But I am in no hurry.) You can tell that I was not feeling my best before I went into the hospital... and you can tell that I am starting to feel stronger each day. That's not to say that I don't get tired, because I do. And I am also feeling the pain in my knee... more on the outside than on the inside, unless I'm laying down on my side and have my knee resting on the bed... then it hurts inside too! I am having a hard time finding a comfortable position to sit in, or lay down in... and standing starts hurting after a few minutes... unless it's in the shower... I do the shower for a full 15-20 minutes, but I'm really tired after that! I just don't know what to do with my self sometimes! I am constantly fidgeting and moving... it's starting to distract me!

Also working hard on this Halloween Eve... is my DH... he had an early work day... up at 5am to leave for NJ by 5:45. He was almost home... (less than 20 miles) and got called down to Philly for an emergency night call. The double overtime is great for the budget... but I'd rather have him home, safe and resting, having a good dinner and being with us. I've been up and down the stairs today a total of 4 times... and I think I will have at least one more trip before the day is over. That's pretty good for me... 5 trips is a lot of work and again... makes me tired! The upside to that is that I am losing a ton of weight. I've lost around 22 pounds since my knee surgery! I really watch what I eat... don't really eat a lot... and I drink a ton of water. What I do... is mostly whole foods, and whole grain bread... not a lot of processed anything. It does make a difference in how I am healing and feeling... and I like it and think I will just keep doing this for awhile longer.
I am getting tired.. time to go and rest, once again!

Thanks for reading... be blessed!

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