Tuesday, October 27, 2009

It's Scheduled!

I got a call today from the Physician's Assistant with my surgeon. She called to schedule my right knee replacement. The date has been set... for March 3rd. I can't believe that I am going to go back and have my right knee done so soon. (I keep having thoughts that I should put it off as long as possible!) So... there it is... on the calendar.

I did venture out for a bit today. Punky and I went to visit Miss J at the flower shop. It was only Punky's 2nd time there... she was a bit nervous and didn't want off of my lap at all. She finally warmed up a little bit just before we were leaving. Miss J hadn't seen her in awhile other than in the yard. She couldn't believe the difference in little Punky's coat and the act that she has gained a little weight. Her coat is very silky and soft with no mats and you can no longer feel her ribs. Her little face even has a little bit of a softness to... she's a little bit rounder!

I did manage to fold the rest of the laundry today... I did 2 hours on my cpm machine... and got the kitchen cleaned up from last nights dinner as I was too tired to do it last night. I also had a rough night last night as I have a tooth that is bothering me... and it didn't stop hurting until I took 2 vicoden and a tramodol along with my ambien. That's alot! Today, because I slept a little later... my whole schedule was off and I've had blood sugar problems too. (I hate that feeling!)

Anyway... DH has just gotten home from work (down in Philly) and we need to figure out dinner. I am thinking that breakfast sounds good on a cold and rainy night! I can't wait to fall into bed a little later and hopefully... I will just zonk out and snooze!

Thanks for reading... be blessed!
(Oh... Please remember my friend Liz and her son, Seth... he just left for basic training in the Army!)


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