Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sunday Howdy!

Here it is... Sunday, already! I've been home a week! I've had visits from physical therapy and occupational therapy, and yesterday the nurse came by. I am doing well... no signs of infection, no issues with my care except for the fact that I don't have my "kick" back yet. That means that I can't raise my foot off the bed. But I am able to lift my foot straight up from the floor a good 4 inches. I also practice at the "barre" a couple of times of a day... doing knee bends and going on my tippy-toes, marching and then trying to kick back to my fanny. I only need help with the last one.

DH is slaving away... taking good care of me. He has taken me to 2 doctors appointments this week, grocery shopped, cooked, cleaned, bathed me ( actually assisted) and ran after dogs. He is one very tired husband these days. He took me out for a drive yesterday as the weather broke, and we enjoyed the fall colors very much.

Today... we went to church. It was good to be back... and they are having a special kick-off meeting tonite for the new study series... with finger foods. We have sweet and sour meatballs in the oven as I type! I am excited to be going out twice in one day!

On the dog front... Punky is thrilled to have me home... she's been hanging out with me on the bed while I do my constant-passive motion therapy on my knee. She's very snuggly and content to keep me company. Nolli-dog has been feeling a little more needy... and he's pushing his boundaries with DH... but the longer I am home... the more secure he is feeling now. There is plenty of puppy love to go around!

Thanks for reading... be blessed!

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Sandra said...

Good for you Suzanne. I'm glad you're getting back on your feet again. Keep on keepin' on.
Best always, Sandra