Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Time Gets Away...

I can't believe that I have had TKR over a month ago! I started put patient physical therapy yesterday. It totally kicked my butt! Of course it also didn't help that I decided that I needed to cook some really good food for dinner... and spent almost 3 hours in the kitchen before it was over. No wonder I was tired!

Today... it's taken me quite awhile to get up and moving. I took a shower this morning, which wears me out. I was also still in a lot of pain... and finally gave in and took a pain pill around noon. I was able to fall sleep for an hour... and when I woke up and made some lunch, I felt as though I had turned the corner on the pain.

I guess having 3 days in a row of tons of activity really does a number on me. Saturday, DH and I went to Cracker Barrel for lunch and grocery shopped. I also fixed some yummy cheese burgers for dinner and baked pumpkin bars that night. Sunday... we went to church... we cleaned house... I cleaned up my baking mess... and then took a 2nd shower to go to small group bible study that night. So... add to that my p/t on Monday... yeah... it's no small wonder that I am feeling wrung out and exhausted. Oh... and we gave both Punky and Nolli dog baths on Sunday as well.

I am slowly trying to get back into the swing of things... it is just taking longer because of my thyroid issue (fatigue) and blood sugar... (trying to keep it regulated.) It's a battle to feel good... but I know that I have to keep trying! I am also very glad that we adopted Punky... she's been such a good bed buddy for me! She is learning to be more comfortable as a companion pet rather than always being in a cage. She still has issues with taking treats from our hands... especially if it's in a close area like the hallway near her cage. I gave noticed that she has gained a little weight... you can no longer feel her ribs and her little face is actually a little fuller now! When she lies down on top of me and turns her head and puts her front paw up, she reminds me of a teddy bear... she's so cute!

Nolli dog has become an even sweeter dog... if that's even possible! He is more loving and attached to DH... and last night he did something that I've never seen him do... he actually asked for seconds on his food! DH gave it to him and he ate it all. So funny! He is also trying even harder to get Punky to play with him... and even tried to get her to play while they were both on the bed last night! That was funny... but I had to tell him that play time was for the floor, not the bed while we are all in it!

That's all I've got for now.... I will try and post a little more often as this healing process continues.
Thanks for reading... be blessed!

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Sandra said...

Good for you Suzanne. It looks like life is turning around for you. Your determination is paramount in the healing process. Glad to see you back.
Best always, Sandra