Thursday, October 22, 2009

Another Progress Report

Things are progressing nicely with my recovery. I keep making progress everyday. I have made it all the way to 120 degrees flex on the constant passive motion (cpm) machine. That's the max! I am able to get up and down the stairs (slowly) to let the dogs have a mid-day potty break. I've been able to help with dinner in the evening and last night, we made dinner together.

Today was a huge milestone.... I took a shower all by myself! DH doesn't know it yet... but I was able to get in and get out using my cane to get it and a towel to hoist my leg up and over the side of the tub when it was time to get out. I took both phones into the bathroom with me and had them on top of the toilet just in case I would need to call for help. I'm very proud of myself for that.

Punky and Nolli are doing well... Punky likes to spend the day on the bed with me while I am using the cpm. Nolli got a much needed bath this week and looks fabulous. He was so happy when it was over and of course DH rewarded him with chicken nuggets. Life is slowly returning to normal... little by little. We are so blessed with all the prayers and blessings that God has bestowed upon us...

Thanks for reading... be blessed!


Sandy said...

So have you made it to the other side yet? You know, where you can say that it was all worth it! (The surgery I mean.)

Suzanne said...

Sandy... I said it was worth it after my second day in the hospital when they first got me up and walking. (Even tho I was so sick from the anesthesia and barfy!) I haven't once regretted doing this... I have had second thoughts about doing my right one in February, but over-all... it's been a great thing in my life!

Sandy said...

Then why wouldn't you double your blessing's by having the other knee done in February? I say GO FOR IT!

Sandra said...

I am so happy to hear your positive report, Suzanne. It's taking a bit of time, patience and work but you are coming along. Great to hear from you. Keep on keepin' on!
Best always, Sandra