Saturday, December 12, 2009

Feeling A Bit Better...

After my last post... which was a HUGE Rant! I woke up grumpy... and made myself go to Wilkes-Barre early this morning. DH decided that he would go with me... it really made my errands much easier having him do the driving. And... I finally relaxed and quit busting his chops about his job situation. (It's not like he did what he did on purpose... I'm just tired of being neglected on Friday nights!)

We even had breakfast out while we were there... our usual stand-by of Cracker Barrel. We proceeded to check out a "new" (opened in September) Lord and Taylor Clearance Outlet. It was fun... it was a little freaky to see some of the prices on things... like $400 for a lined bubble vest???? But after looking through the racks, I found a great printed cardigan and a couple of summer tanks... and we spent $21! How fun is that?

We also went to Dundee Gardens, a great nursery in Hanover Township. I wish I had remembered my camera as the Poinsettias were just beautiful in the greenhouse. We looked at all of their trees, both decorated and fresh, and even the fake ones. I managed to find my one snowman of the year. (I have a collection and I limit myself to one a year so I don't go too overboard.) This time I ended up getting a 'snowlady" with a red velvet hat and fur coat. She's very charming and I'm excited to own her! After all the errands and shopping, I am quite tired this afternoon. We came home and we crashed in front of the tv for a little bit and now we are starting laundry and maybe even baking some cookies. (Cookies always make me feel better!)

Thanks for reading... (Sorry about my "rant" post!) ~be blessed!

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troutay said...

Never threaten. It could blow up in your face!
I am sure your husband feels as badly as you do, but he is a hard worker and wants to keep the jon he has.
Times are tough. Yes it is hard to be home alone all the time, but you are a big girl, you have been alone before. It won't be forever.

I guess the phrase is "cowgirl up"!