Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A Real Great Day... Not!

I woke up today thinking I would be taking Nolli-dog to the vet... but can't get an appointment until Thursday evening. (That is sorta ok, as he's feeling better today, and DH could go with me.)
Remember the last part of that last sentence.

We had a lazy morning, because p/t kicked my butt again yesterday. I was at it for 1 1/2 hours... with a taped knee! (My knee cap is not tracking, and is up and off center. Taping will help the muscles get stronger to help it track properly.) I had Punky up on the bed with me... and not once but twice caught her doing the "twirl and find your spot dance". The first time, I stopped her at the start of the dance... the second time, she had done her dance and was about to drop a load... on our bed! I gave her a loud "Ah-ah" and off we ran downstairs. We made it in plenty of time.

When I brought the dogs back up, I put her in her crate for safe keeping. I later discovered that it was a very good thing... as she has "tossed the entire contents" of her tummy... at least 3 times. And her little butt... has been a regular stink factory. I finally gave up... and put her crate in the bathroom to clean... and I put her in the bathtub for the time being... easier clean-up.

On top of that... DH called me in the midst of all this mess... he's been re-routed and will be on his way home shortly. He has been put on another "planned maintenance job" down in Bristol... he has to be at the office at 6am and will be gone until Friday! I wasn't prepared to have my husband gone again so soon!

There you have it... the glory and grace of Sugarloaf Cottage at it's finest! I just hope DH has time to run down to the basement for me and get the load of dog bedding and towels washed for me! (I know... I want the moon!)

Thanks for reading... be blessed. (Pray for my little Punky-dog!)
PS... Punky is still not doing good... I just gave her 1/4 of an imodium ad tablet. I hope it works... she's still camped in the bathtub. (I think DH has the better deal... getting to go out of town!)


troutay said...

Poor things. Poor little dog, poor you to have to clean up!

I have been there and done that and hopefully will not have to do it again any time soon

Sandra said...

Better days ahead Suzanne. Animals are unpredictable, however we love them forever despite messes along the way. Sounds like you are coming along nicely with your new knee repair. I had tracking problems with both my knees about 9 years ago.I did yoga with a passion and voila no more pain. Although I'm not suggesting you start that right away.You still have more healing to do. It's kind of a back burner thought.
Best always, Sandra