Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sweet Sunday Love...

We have had a very hard week here at Sugarloaf Cottage... Punky has still had issues with her tummy and digestive track. I've had a couple of days where she was still sick in her cage. I've had to give additional Imodium AD and the laundry pile was stacking up! (Don't worry... everything got rinsed really good.)

DH returned home to us on Friday evening. We were overjoyed to say the least to have him back home. We have busy the entire time he's been home. I managed to give him 3 home cooked dinners this weekend... but we did go out for breakfast once and had lunch out today after church. (Things ran late due to a Congregational Meeting after service.)

We have been busy getting a small tree decorated... I waited for him to come home so we could do it together. We shopped and did errands... and now we are busy packing for him to go out of town again. We won't know until tomorrow sometime if his trip is going to be 3 days or 5 days.

So... for now... we are snuggled inside, waiting for the spaghetti sauce to finish. (I am being very tolerant of DH watching Sponge Bob... he doesn't get Nickelodeon at his hotel.) We are enjoying the last hours before he has to leave again... I've already cried twice this afternoon about it! That's the latest here... I am due at physical therapy in the morning. Oh... and we got snow... it was suppose to be 2 1/2- 3 inches... but we got more than 5! That was so fun to stay inside together and watch it dump snow for hours and hours!

Thanks for reading... Be blessed!

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Anonymous said...

Great to hear from you, Suzanne and to know that all is going fairly well at your home.I hope the little furry creature will respond to the medication. I hope too DH will be able to get some consecutive days off over the holidays so you can spend some nice family time together....prayers.
Best always, Sandra