Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I'm actually READY!

For the first time in years and years... I am ready for Christmas! I did cut out a lot of stuff on my list of things to do... and it feels great! We decided to only give gifts to a certain few this year not only as a cost cutting measure, but also because the gifts are never acknowledged nor reciprocated.
Also because of my knee... this year I've kept the decorating to a minimum this year. It was great fun last year when it was our first Christmas together and DH was working more locally and home more. I didn't want to burden him with anything extra right now while he's traveling so much and working such long hours. We did a new small 3 ft tree this year, and love how it turned out. As far as adding any decorations to the rest of the house... I only got out a few snowmen and placed them around the living room and office area. Not going to bother with doing up the whole place, laying out greens, changing all the linens... too much work!

I went out today to the post office... and mailed out packages and our Christmas cards. It was great to get them sent... and much less expensive than last year! Last year I sent things via UPS and it was $45 just to send one package and it still got there late. So... I was determined not to do that again. The post office was much less money! I do have a couple of things I still want to get for DH... but as a whole, I'm done with the shopping! As far as for the dogs... I can't really think of anything to get Nolli this year... he has a huge basket of toys he doesn't really play with anymore. Punky, on the other hand... I've found so much for her but have only spent a little bit so I don't go overboard. (After all... Punky really has nothing compared to my spoiled dog, Nolli!)

I've also decided that I'm not going to do a huge ham for dinner this year, but get something small so we don't get "hammed out"! We are going out for lunch on Christmas Day anyway... so I don't need to do very much. ( again!) We have a regional Christmas Party on Saturday... and if it doesn't snow too much, we will go. I'm not really dressing up, but I did purchase a dark red top to wear with my favorite plaid jacket... so I will be comfortable!

Thanks for reading... be blessed!

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