Sunday, December 27, 2009

Winding Down

This Christmas weekend is finally over... we've been in wind-down mode for 2 days now. We've been busy with housekeeping, and doing some winterization while the temps are still good. My Dear HWM (hard working man) has been busy getting plastic up over the windows... in between hanging a new light fixture in the dining room... and working on a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle in that room! Having light to see in that area is more than wonderful!

We also had a little field trip to Lowes yesterday morning... to get all the things HWM would need to get that light fixture put up. We took Pumpkin with us... as we are trying to socialize her a little more. Every trip she takes... she shivers and trembles so badly... until she realizes that she's safe and will be going home with us. She was quite a show-stopper at the store yesterday. It would crack me up when we would walk by men who were there getting supplies and they would turn into big softies with huge smiles when they would spot Punky! She did really well at the end when she got to get into her Daddy's arms while Mommy signed the credit card screen. She was the same color of the work shirt he was wearing... all you could see was 2 eyes and a shiny shoe button nose! I'll be taking Nolli dog on a field trip there soon... he loves going to Lowes... and has since he was a puppy and Mommy worked there.

We went to church today... we greeted by our friends with warm hugs and kisses and sat with them during the service. Church service was a short reprise of the Christmas Eve-Eve service... so it was actually a quite short service today. We ran up the hill to Wendy's for lunch. After... we came home and got started on the "never-ending" laundry pile and actually got a lot of that done... or shall I say HWM did. I still cannot go down to the basement... it's just too much for me.
But I did get a lot of folding done! That's what we've been up to for the last 2 days... just hanging around the house, getting things done and put back in order!

Thanks for reading... be blessed!


Sandra said...

It sounds like you've had a very nice Christmas with you furry friends and of course your DH. Here's wishing you all a fabulous 2010. It's a new exciting year to come.
Best always, Sandra

Sandra said...

Happy New Year, Suzanne. I wish you and DH all the best in 2010. Enjoy your New Years eve together.
Best always, Sandra