Monday, December 7, 2009

Missing Him...

My Wonderful DH has gone out of town again. I think this has been his 3rd or 4th week of travel. It was only suppose to be for 3 days. He called me around 10 am and said he'd been extended 1 extra day. It's only the first day on the road for him... I miss him so much! (We had so much fun this weekend!)

I also had physical therapy today... I hit a real milestone! I actually had weights on my ankle today... that is huge progress for my knee and my issue with my knee cap and muscle groups trying to heal. It was a little tough... but I am excited to go back on Thursday to see if I can add more weight! I am almost off of pain meds all together... I only have to use a small dose of Tramadol at night if I have "overdone it" again... (Not that I have a tendency to do that!... smirk!) My endurance is slowly returning... I did take a short nap today for 25 minutes... not the usual 1 1/2 hours! I just have to learn how to pace myself!

Did I tell you that we have been extended an invitation for Christmas Day from friends at church? They are getting together with a few other couples for lunch... we are excited about that, and it's an answer to prayer for me. God does want us here, for a reason... altho I'm still not certain of what that reason is yet.

Thanks for reading... be blessed!

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troutay said...

Sorry to hear you are on your own again. But glad to hear you are feeling so much better