Sunday, November 29, 2009

M.I.A.--- Yep, That's Been Me!

It's been two weeks since I last posted... I have been missing in action... well, because... I felt like all I had to write about was my knee surgery, physical therapy and how I am feeling. I figured y'all had to have had enough of that!

My knee is finally doing much better and my kick is starting to come back. Physical Therapy is working... and it's a lot of work that kicks my butt! It pretty much can wipe me out for 2 days after, depending on the "Pain and Torture" inflicted upon me. I still have a ways to go as my vmo is still very weak, my hamstrings are super are my lateral ligaments. That is cause an issue with my knee cap... it's not tracking in the groove as it is suppose to. I spent 48 hours of this week having my knee cap taped down and to the side. It was uncomfortable, to say the least! I will likely have it done twice a week for the next 2 to 3 weeks.

In other happenings... we are finishing up a nice 4 day weekend. I was quite busy trying to "procure" all the fixings for "The Big Dinner"... but when it came to pulling it all off... I couldn't quite do it and had to have help from DH to get it all going and on the table. He did very well at fixing dinner for us. (I seem to be having symptoms of Congestive Heart Failure again... but haven't reached the drowning stage yet!) I have been tiring very easily, and it feels like all the trips up and down the stairs never seem to end for me lately, with all the trips to the store, walking the dogs, having the roofing guys come last week on Tuesday... and just keeping up with everything.

I think I mentioned on an earlier post, that DH was going out of town for week... that was about 2 weeks ago, so I was literally stretched to my limits by Friday when he came home. I survived, but it did take a toll on me.

Nolli and Punky are doing well... we just did a "debred" session on Nolli's tummy tonight. He still has a wound that won't heal and if we don't keep it clean, it can stink and smell awful! We finished with antiseptic cleaner with a pain reliever in it and then his tye-die t-shirt to keep it dry and clean. Of course that's followed by a "big" favorite treat.

Punky is still working on house training... she does good for the most part. Mostly it's me not getting the "right" idea that she needs out instead of wanting up. (She would rather be up on the bed with me or in my arms than any other thing in life.) We still keep her crated at night, mainly because we are afraid we might hurt her in our sleep if she was on the bed with us. She is also gaining weight and her coat is coming in nicely. She's gotten very round and cute and when she does go out with me... she gets lots of attention because of her charm and cuteness.

So... there you have it... that is what life around here has been about. I also did have a birthday during the weekend, and DH baked me a cake (while I was taking a nap) and took me to see the movie "The Blind Side." We loved it! He also took me to dinner the next evening as well... he did his best to spoil me over the weekend.

I did have a tough day on Thursday... I discovered that my sisters were NOT going to get my Mom for their gathering. I understand that she is becoming fragile and that she is becoming more and more "withdrawn" but, I breaks my heart to know that no one went to see her or had her join them... I have said many times in the past that I wished I could have her with me so that I could take care of her. (I know that it's not even feasible for me to do that now... but still I wish I could.) Needless to say, I was in tears often through out the day.

Ok... I need to sign off for now... and get things done for DH...he's got a long day tomorrow working down in Philly. ... sigh....

Thanks for reading... be blessed... I hope that your Thanksgiving Weekend was wonderful!

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Sandra said...

Hi Suzanne: It's great to hear from you once again. I'm glad things are going well in your recovery. It sounds like Thanksgiving was a nice treat for both of you. Belated Happy Birthday.
Best always, Sandra