Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Slow-Down...

This week is usually one of the hardest of the year in what I do for work. Not too many people have money, and the rest of those who do have money, or do the doling out, are on vacation until after the first of the year. It makes collecting a very hard thing to do. It doesn't help that I have a brand new location in our system... and that the in-house A/R person is also doing my work. Tuesday was really bad... as I worked through part of my aging report, she was also working the same section. It became a race to see who could contact the most customers... she was told that I would be handling all accounts from now on... and I will make certain that's the case at the beginning of the month. For now, I will take the help.

Anyway... because it was so slow, I did some training, and I got to leave work early because the phones were so quiet. My boss asked me if I was interested in taking today off... and I of course said Yes! So, I get to enjoy 4 days off... and it won't involve going to a hospital or having a medical procedure. Today... I tried to be lazy in the morning... and then I needed to run a few errands and needed to go north. So I packed Punky up in her pink Rock Star coat and took her with me... stopping into my office on the way, to introduce her to my office mates. She was a huge hit... everyone needs to have a little "puppy break" during the day. (Of course, everyone was leaving at noon today anyway due to mandatory shut-down. I told you, it's been slow!) It was fun for me to share my Punky with the people I work with... and everyone was so happy and smiling when I was done. How fun is that?

I am also beginning to take down my Christmas decorations. I am so going to miss our Christmas tree this year. We both have enjoyed it so much... watching it evolve as we shopped for new decorations and we now have our own family tree instead of just all my decorations from years past. It's been fun to collaborate with DH and get his ideas of what he likes... he really enjoys being able to have a say about things like that... he always tells me that the decision is up to me... but he has a pretty good eye for design! I think the tree will come down on Saturday... that's usually when my Mom did it. But it was always after we watched the Rose Parade and had a good breakfast.

Oh... and speaking of breakfast, I had breakfast for dinner last night. We stopped into Cracker Barrel, and I ordered the cinnamon french toast... and oh my! It was so delicious. I only ate half of it, and enjoyed the second half for breakfast this morning. I will be having that again soon!

Thanks for reading... Have a Happy New Year... and be blessed!

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