Sunday, December 26, 2010

Waiting for it!

We are waiting and watching... for the snow to begin. They are calling for between 10 and 15 inches to fall on us between this afternoon and tomorrow. And calling for high winds as well.

I managed to get up and out of the house fairly early for a Sunday morning... as I wanted to be sure we had everything we needed in the event we don't get out in the next day or two. It's not really a great thought as neither one of us has any personal time to use. DH has used all of his with my being in the hospital last week and I don't get any for another 9 months. Oh Well... as they say!

I have butter beans slow-cooking in the oven, and glazed ham from yesterday. We have yummy rolls from Christmas eve, and lots of other goodies to munch on when the need arises. We also went to the movies last night and had chinese food for dinner. (Yeah... we can be "heathens" like that! lol) It is something that I have always done since I was first married and living 3000 miles away from family. After getting divorced, I still did it... and it's something DH and I decided we wanted to continue... again, as we don't have family very close by. We loved having time away from home and just laughing... and we both ate sparingly on the chinese food as DH was rather full... and I didn't want the MSG headache. (I did get the headache later tho.)

Our Christmas has been quiet... we didn't really exchange gifts this year. We did adopt a family through work, and donated to give them a nice holiday. We did a few other charity things... and it was easy and not hectic to try and get all that shopping done, and have to get wrapping done. We did buy gifts for Nolli and Punky... it's always great fun to give gifts to Nolli as he understands presents and unwrapping things. He gets so excited and so happy about having a present. They got new collars, new bowls, each got a new toy, and DH splurged and bought them a new running fountain water dish. Nolli really likes it... Punky, I'm not too sure about. She doesn't understand presents and really just wanted to be in my arms through it all. She gets so shy and uncertain when there are new things introduced to the house.

There you have it... we had a wonderful day at home, a fun evening out at the movies and yummy chinese food... a peaceful and joyous holiday!
Thanks for reading... be blessed!

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April said...

Dear Suzanne,
It sounds like you had a lovely Christmas. We were prepared to have a similar one, but then Henry and I flew to Austin at the last minute. Kevin arranged for us to fly out Friday morning, coming back Sunday morning. We had a great time with our four grandchildren. We haven't spent much time with the 1-year old baby Brody so that was such a blessing and the best present to be able to spend time with them at Christmas. We were fortunate to not have to deal with any of the snow problems you all have had. We only got a light dusting in Memphis. I looked at your visitor log and I see Cordova popping up a lot, so I think that your site registers me every time I go on my "Top Sites" window on my Mac. Just wanted you to know that I'm not just visiting without commenting. I hope you are both feeling well and wish you a very Happy New Year! Love, April (aka Sissy) XO