Sunday, December 19, 2010

He Bakes!

I just have to share with you that DH baked gingerbread cookies for me today to take to work tomorrow. We are having a cookie swap... and he knew that I wouldn't have to endurance to roll and cut out cookies. He did it for me... and they turned out perfect and yummy! I sat and frosted and decorated them. And I can't wait to take them in tomorrow!

He's been taking very good care of me... making sure that I don't over do things and being sure that I sit and rest when I feel dizzy and winded. We've had a great weekend, which included taking me to the eye doctor to get my eyes dilated and also pick up my new glasses, we did a little Christmas shopping, and had lunch out. We came home and worked on a few things around here and then went to the little pizza shop down on the highway... it was deserted for a Saturday night, but we had a fabulous pie! And I think I became a fan for life... they sprinkle the entire pie with fresh oregano... and it has such good flavor! Yummmmmmm! I think I gained 2 pounds from all the good food we had this weekend.

Thanks for reading... be blessed!

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