Friday, December 3, 2010

Grateful Times

We've just passed Thanksgiving... and we had a wonderful holiday. The weeks before that holiday, DH had medical testing, and had to go for a second test. We've held our breath and decided not to really talk about it until we knew. Yesterday the call was made... and DH got the final results... he does not have cancer as previously thought. We are quietly thankful and grateful that God has heard our prayers.(I only freaked out twice in the last month...)

We are both working very hard these days... and today I was awarded a free vacation day for all my hard work in the past month, bringing my collection percentage down over 8%... it's a good thing if you can move your aging report down 5%... and I am on my way to moving it another 5% this next month as well... and it's only the 3rd of the month. Work is getting easier for me... I am getting used to the routine and I am not stressed as I was in the beginning. Other people are seeing my value and how hard I work at what I do... I am lucky and blessed that I seem to get a response when I call and I'm not afraid to dig around for information or ask for someone else if need be to get what I want or need.

Tonite we are home after having a nice dinner out to celebrate. We stopped at the local Big Box store and finished purchasing the rest of our decorations for our tree. We've decided that we wanted a new look for our tree, something that we both liked that reflected who we are now. I hope to finish getting it decorated and post a picture here soon... that is if I am still posting. I'm still undecided on that issue. We have much to accomplish this weekend...  I hope I get all I want to do... done!

Thanks for reading...  be blessed!

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